Along with all the great BONUSES you get with Amy, you also get the best of me.

Early Bird Bonus: The first 20 people to enroll through me get a private 1-hour session to brainstorm course topic ideas and create a mindset plan that will keep you going throughout your journey.

After early Bird Bonus:  “good news/bad news.” The bad news is that the first 20 spots for this 1:1 call are sold out, but the good news is, I’m going to offer you access to this other group call where you can ask me questions and brainstorm course topics!”  TBA after cart closes.

Bonus 1: A full year of support in my private Facebook group.  I will be in this group weekly sharing tips, answering questions, and bringing out the best in you.  I promise I will guide you to create and maintain a healthy mindset that will keep you going and propel you to success.

Bonus 2: Accountability.  I will follow along with you for the entire 12 week program.  Together we can create goals and target dates to complete those goals.  Let's face it, online work can be lonely work.  I will be the cheer-leading section that keeps you on track.

I will be there for you.  Sign up through my link and I will be with you during your whole process of course creation and launching.  (Long time Psychotherapist and Buddhist Practitioner here!)

I’m a specialist in overcoming mental obstacles, procrastination, and impostor syndrome.  I know what it’s like to get in our own way and I don’t want that to happen to you.   

There are so many ups and downs in being your own boss and creating your course.  It’s not unusual to be paralyzed by fear or overwhelm. And then there's the dreaded perfectionism - what will people think, it’s not perfect, how can I put something like this out there.  Who do I think I am. I know what it’s like to be in the midst of doubt, overwhelm, and fear. Those nagging voices that tell you’re in over your head, no one will buy from you or learn from you, you have nothing new to offer.

It’s endless.  These thoughts took me down the rabbit whole more than once.  So I know where you’re coming from and I will get you through these painful, paralyzing moments.  I’m a psychotherapist specializing in mindfulness and Buddhist wisdom, who better to quell your fears and get you back on track.  

That's why I want to be with you all the way during your first year of creating.  I pushed through these and made it to the finish line and I will make sure you do too.  Don’t worry - I’ve got your back.

Plus, I know Amy’s system.  I’m creating a brand new course of my own, so I will be creating and launching with you.  We can do it together. This so happens to be my third course so I'm pretty savvy to the process by now.  (It just so happens that this course is called Create with Confidence.  The timing couldn’t be better.)

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