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Need more support? Join me for a 30-day meditation challenge. 

Let Meditation Become Your Superpower

15 minutes a day is all it takes.

You don’t have to sit and quiet your mind by yourself. 

Each day you will get instructions for each meditation (3 – 5 minutes) with a guided practice after (8 – 10 minutes).  

A practical, meaningful way to experience the hows and why of meditation to create your own daily practice


Balanced Wisdom uses the best of what the East and West have to offer in Therapy service, and Mindfulness and Medtation.  We will show you how to use the power of your beautiful mind for calm, resilience, peace, and happiness.


How it works:

  • Starting Nov. 2, each day you will get a reminder email with a meeting link to join the live meditation. (approx. 6:30)
  • When you join the live meditation (7 pm) You will get background on the day’s meditation (3 – 5 min), and then the meditation itself (7 – 10 min). You don’t have to meditate alone.
  • Every Thursday there will be a live Q & A after the meditation.
  • You will receive a follow-up email shortly after (approx. 7:45 pm) with the replay for the meditation in case you weren’t able to attend.

You have the best of both worlds.  Join us live or use the replays to create your own meditation schedule

Meditaiton is the gift you give yourself for when:

Anxiety Occurs

It’s for when you’re anxious about an upcoming event or conversation and you spend 5 minutes with yourself, allowing the nerves to calm, allowing your inner wisdom let you know that it will all be okay.  It will go as it’s meant to go and you will handle it.

Transition from Work

It’s for when you get home from a busy, demanding day and you allow yourself to sit in silence and let the day float through your brain as if clouds in the sky and detach from it.  This allows for the calm transition into the rest of your evening.

You're lost and Vulnerable

It’s for when you’re feeling vulnerable, unworthy, not good enough, or you have failed in some way.  You allow yourself to feel the sensations in your body and the wise part of you that says, “there, there, it’s  okay dear heart.”

Challenging Times 

Covid, racism, climate change, politics,  are all taking their toll on us as a society.  We have control over our inner being and perspective, our kindness towards ourselves and others. when we sit in silence.


Join me live every night for 30 days at 7 pm to experience the meditation as a group.  You will be sent a link each day to join us.


Be part of my private FaceBook group to ask questions, share insight, and be part of a like-minded community.


Can't make the live session, no worries.  A link to the day's meditation will be sent after 7 pm.  Listen to it that night or the next morning.

What people say about it

Engaging in Cindy’s 30 Days of Meditation has offered me a place for peace and respite during an otherwise chaotic time in life.

I have noticed an increased resiliency in my ability to handle everyday stressors and navigate a world that is full of uncertainty.

I would highly recommend Cindy’s 30 Days of Meditation and see it as a valuable investment no matter where one is at in life!


Melanie Brekell

Cindy Owen of Balanced Wisdom and Maria Calleja of Budding Artists have created a beautiful and timely 30 Day Meditation.  From day one, Cindy takes you on a beautiful journey of mindfulness and contemplation.

Each day is a different exploration whether it is slowing down your breath or releasing judgments around a racing mind.  Cindy’s voice is soothing, caring, and grounding.

30 Day Meditation is a gold mine of wisdom and a path to self-care in these crazy times.  To do these 30 days is such a gift.

Each meditation is recorded and emailed to you daily. I have begun listening to them again with the aim of making meditation a daily part of my life.

Thank you Cindy and Maria!


Nancy Clarke